Loans For Short Leasehold & Freehold Retail Businesses

Bridging Finance

Bridging loans are used whenever a borrower needs short-term finance quickly. Drawdown often takes place within 5 days of the enquiry being received.

A bridging loan can be the most efficient and flexible mortgage product for your business. Finance can be arranged within hours and the repayment terms are flexible, with no early redemption fees or onerous lock-ins.

A bridging loan is not designed to be a long term funding solution and is best used to provide immediate liquidity for property transactions that would otherwise fall through if it wasn't for the availability of a bridging solution.

There are a number of situations that suit the short-term flexibility of bridging finance...

  • Raising capital for many purposes
  • Refurbishment and resale
  • Auction purchases
  • Credit repair
  • Purchase undervalue
  • Beating that deadline to buy

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