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Buy to Let Mortgages & Remortgages

Whether you're looking to become a first time landlord or already own a portfolio of properties Mortgage Trolley can assist you by trying to save money on your monthly mortgage outgoings. We can offer free independent access to thousands of UK mortgages, providing no obligation quotes.

We can arrange Buy to Let funding for all types of property, including those property types that are more difficult to fund for example:

  • Block of flats
  • Houses in multiple occupancy
  • Freehold flats and maisonettes
  • Flats above commercial premises
  • Ex Local Housing Authority properties
  • Studio flats and bedsits
  • Multi unit properties 

Low interest rates in recent years have made Buy to Let Mortgages more affordable, and a strong rental market has made this type of investment attractive compared to more conventional types of investments. Buying property to let has become increasingly popular to the UK investor.

We understand how time consuming finding a buy to let mortgage can be, so our specialist BTL department will make it easy for you by searching the mortgage marketplace on your behalf for deals that are not available on the high street and which will meet your buy-to-let mortgage requirements perfectly.

Buy to Let should be viewed as a long term investment. You hope that the rental income generated by letting the property to tenants will at least cover your mortgage payments but aim to provide an addition to your personal monthly income. Whilst there is no guarantee that you’ll make a profit from this type of investment it is the main driving force behind buy to let. Most investors are looking to the long term and will sell the property or properties to realise a capital gain.

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